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published books:

opening of my expo in De Muzerije in Den Bosch 2014

a view on the paintings at the expo in Den Bosch

Exhibition in De Kreek Kerkdriel  april 2012 to December 2012

The red vineyard  , just finished!

Comfortably Numb , just finished 8 th of June

A Forest just finished november 2011

The Quack and The Luteplayer almost finished 2 September , inspired by Jan Steen
Painted on wood 81 cm x152 cm. if you mouseclick on the painting you'will see the
painting by Jan Steen.
De Kwakzalver ende Luitspeler,geschilderd op hout.

"Mona Lisa sees , New York.. just finished   14 september 2010

To have a environmental view, this is my bedroom with the 2 Mona Lisa,s  see also miscellaneous

....As tears go by, hidden sorrow, oktober 2010  see gallery for more  comment

Mr.PEF, a London based Avantgarde has commented on this painting:

Mondriaan kicked holy houses or glass houses and became one himself. This Mondriaan type of painting that in fact at a closer look
isn't, it doesn't put me off. Neither it does make me feel like you (andre) are a thief nor a user.You added something to this
Painting I am a bit jealous of; why didn't i get to that idea!
I can only say you,ve put down clear emotions clearly on a spot and in a painting where i (Mr. Pef) wouldn't or many other  wouldn't have
I see the painting as a portrait with a tear.

I couldn't have put it better in words than Mr. Pef. For More about him:

André working on the dressoir  title "Los Angeles"  2011

"Los Angeles " almost finished the motiv in the doors  are in fact angels  with one wing

new experiment, in variations of depth seeking for the 4th dimension or fifth if you like

title: Home by the sea

The 3 Jazzpaintings together at Ben's place.

The 3 War-child paintings together