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Andre is nominated for the Palm Award 2011

"Anatomische Les" in the hall of Oldelft Benelux.

Mona Lisa's in the bedroom...

This summer we painted our bedroom,black and white which gave me the idea to paint
"matching"  colored paintings.

"Old dixie in the livingroom"

"Pieta in the diningroom"

About Painting.

In developing my own style in painting I have experimented with square colored pieces.
Originally it was based upon the work of Mondriaan. His works were too "square" for
me; I want to show something one can recognize in a picture, but you have to concentrate a
little bit for it. One more restriction I put on myself is the use of straight black lines and
all the squares must be surrounded by a black line.(I also    used  colored lines already)
The lines are often of a different size; sometimes to express
depth or importance of the part in the painting.Mondriaan tried  to loose all depth in his paintings, i try to do the opposite,i love to get depth and hopefully : optical movement ,in the squares and in the painting. Another difference , I do not hate   natural colors   like green........
Luckily  iI have   a normal Job to pay for   my housing and food,  i am poor enough to be  creative  but  not that poor as a lot of artists were or are. I do not feel myself a lesser  artist  , because I have a normal job , wife and kids and lead a normal life. People expect  a artist to be eccentric , but I have a normal haircut,normal clothes and think normal as far as I know....
Hope  you    like   my work

Andre and Ben together with the two jazz-maestro's  Ben is the new owner of the  paintings.

2012   a exhibition in De Kreek in Kerkdriel from april to december 2012

My son Bryan in the reception hall helping with the paintings

more paintings in the hall

André  in    front of his paintings