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Title: Trum-Pet  Dimensions 2x 40cm x40 cm    2013
A two piece of signature Art,note the "floating" paddles

Title: De Handtekening (The Signature) Dimensions 115 cm x 75 cm 2013
A painting about the signing of  a peace treaty, once in a wagon in a forest in France

Title:The Red Lantern  Dimensions 75 cm x 115 cm       2013
The last cyclist  behind the large group in the Tour  carries  the red lantern ...perhaps the one
who is the most honest..
Oliver Meyer find die bilder haben was. ich mag es, dass die bilder so "einfach" sind.

Rolf Schützek Andre.. dies Bild gefällt mir sehr gut.. es hat was Besonderes.. es ist das Licht als eine Herausforderung an den Schatten, zu beweisen, dass er existiert

Title: Timesquare  inspired by Pink Floyd Dimensions 75 cm x 115 cm  2013

Title: After Midnight    Dimensions 115 cm x 75 cm 2013

subtitle :  Darkness falls across the land,the midnight our is close at hand .(Thriller)
A view from a room to a   bar and alley across the street. In the  alley  a  figure is lurking in the dark ,below the
lantern     another figure with umbrella  (ha,ha)    is standing unaware    of  the other figure .....
Mia Barkan Clarke Love the vibrant stillness ... A hint of Picasso's musicians paint in there too ... You can almost hear people outside this room
Anna Mahinya from St.Petersburg  :Íîâàÿ êàðòèíà âàí Ãîãà? Ãäå âûñòàâêà ( the new painting of Van Gogh? where is the exibition!

Title  Big Bang Theory  Dimensions 75 cm x 115 cm  2013

About the   creation of the universe, the balls representing the planets 

Title: Sound of Silence  Dimensions 115 cm x 75 cm 2013

A friend  of me, Johan V. told me   a emotional story  of  possibly the last moment   of  clear mindedness of
his father and the eyecontact   of his grandson during a game of soccer,he suffers from dementia.This  painting is 
about  a man  staring  out of his window unaware of his environment.Sound of silence reverts to  the Song
of Simon and Garfunkel.

Title: Keith Moon         Dimensions 115 cm x75 cm 

The exceptional drummer  of The Who, I made this  painting for Thomas and Kayleigh for their new home.

Title:  I want to ride my bicycle,Iwant to ride it where I like!  Dimensions 75 cm x115 cm  
This one is about freedom; a worker finished working...

Title: EZ-DR   painting of a medical device used  for  X-Ray  Dimensions 75cm x 115 cm 2013

Title: XS-DR   painting of a  medical table and x ray device Dimensions 115 cm x 75 cm 2013

Title: EZ-DR2     Dimensions 80x120 cm   2013
Danielle cohade devidal  a fb friend:des idées très bien l œil de l'artiste j'adore imagination!

Title: Tuscany  a table  size  60x 120 x 47 cm with a double painting of  a tuscan landscape by day and
night (on the lower panel) 2013

...the day....

....and the night....

Title: TR-DR  a  trauma x-ray   Dimensions 80 cm x 120 cm 2013

A comment on facebook from Brazil
Carlos Charcape Majestic artwork, with very good color quality and style. Thanks, my friend Andre Schreuder for sharing with the group. 
Anna Marroquim Hello Andre Schreuder,This sensational work! It was amazing, I liked congratulations.

Title: Out of the Blue after a song from Roxy Music Dimensions 60 cm x 60 cm  3  panels 2013

Title: The Voices   table    Dimensions 55cm x 55 cm height 45 cm 2013

Title: Bombardon Blues  A tribute to Mr.Aart Kerkhof  who was music Dimensions 80 cm x 120 cm 2013
Gloria Haines a FB colleague:
The artist - Andre Schreuder - each artist has a particular style or flair as some would call it. A signature stamp where an instant recognition is recalled without viewing the name. This is what makes each artist unique and special !!