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Title: Casals Cello  A tribute to Pau Casals              Dimensions 80cm x 120 cm 2013/2014
a comment  on
 Eine witzige Weiterentwickelung von Pit Mondrian.... lg. Ralf

Title:C, the ferryman.    Dimensions :140cm x 100 cm  2014

Title: 3 Little Birds   3 piece  Dimensions 20 x 20 x20x60                             2014  
A Heron,Flamingo and a Stork in a  landscape with island and lighthouse.

Title: Space arcade '78  Dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm      2014
In 1978 a new arcade game was introduced: Space Invaders.At the time i worked as
a bartender in a pub, this game was very popular.The painting is a challenge, a mix
from my own stye and popart. 

Title:Turunc.     Dimensions: 30x30x30x60 cm  2014
A Turkish landscape,  in the left a Turunc tree in blossom,boats on the water, a speedboat
and  a fighter airplane in the sky. a mix betweel  old and new , technology but also the danger
of war.
a comment on Fb:
Sandra Mendelsohn less is more,love the simplicity of the painting,it gives a serene feeling to it

Title: Cherrytrees on Mount Ikoma   size 100cm x 140 cm     2014

Title: Losing my Religion  after   the famous song.. Dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm 2014

Title: Car-Toon   Dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm   2014

Title: Orchid 1 and Orchid 2  Dimensions 2x 60 cm x 80 cm 2014
Some orchids painted for our bedroom wall

Title:Is there anybody out there?  Dimensions 120cm x 80 cm 2014
A challenge from my colleague Peter: make something about the famous song of PF!
a lonely man  staring out over the water  on an English shore...
Peter Kenvin a FB fan remarks: Reminds me of the flatland concept, where a square meets a cube and no one believes him. Cool image.
Carlos Charcape A great moment, in colors and imagination. Thanks, Andre Schreuder for share your art with us

Title: R-  Atribute to Armin van Buuren    Dimensions 80 cm x 120 cm   2014

Title: Majalis  a almost animal like Lily of the Valley  domensions 50cm x 75 cm 2014

Title: Rose Tango   two dancing roses Dimensions 50cm x 75 cm 2014