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Title:Pac Man Fever Dimensions 120cm x 80 cm   2016

A painted  wooden deer 2016

deer side 2016

A deer for Sandra Roland    2016

deer black                                                                                                          2016

Title:  La ragazza con la Perle      Dimensions 50cm x 60 cm 2016.
my version of Vermeers "girl with the pearl"

Title: La signora di Torino  Dimensions 50cm x 60 cm    2016.
After the often reproduced painting  gypsy girl by Torino.

HAIKU: La Signora di Torino

Fluorescent lines in:

“Signora di Torino”

enlighten our day

Lidia Chiarelli

Carlos Charcape A peculiar style and you do ligation colors with lines is excellent.

Title: Nightswimming   dimensions 40cm x 50 cm  2016
a tribute to Rembrandt and REM

Carlos Charcape Really amazing artwork !!! A great expression of colors !!!

Title: Nena      dimensions 80 cm x 100 cm                                   2016
about the song 99 luftballons ....

Title Crossroads  dimensions 80cm x 100 cm                               2016

Title: Turing Test   dimensions 80cm x 120cm      2016
a painting made for Deal IT in Zoetermeer the Netherlands.

Deer brown                                                                                                      2016

Title: Azzuro   Dimensions 120 cm x 40 cm


A salamander sits on the marble quay

At the warmest time of day


In the distance on the lake

The ferry from Garda and a speedboat in its wake

From the bench beneath the shadow casting tree

This is the view, we both see 

Near the shore  an old couple in a loving hug

On her arm a plaster to cover the hole from the latest added drug

On the grass in front of the parking

A small dog is barking

Next to a family  in bathing gear

A man clutching a can of beer

The smell of pizza  from the restaurant close

Is tempting my sun burned nose

Here we sit , hands entwined

The lake today is very kind.

red deer                                                                                                          2016

Title: Rhapsody in blue                                                                             2016

Title : White Rabbit                 Dimensions 50cm x 50 cm                              2016