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Title: The Creation of A. (After Michelangelo) Dimensions  75 cm x 115 CM  2010 (For Sale)
The theme is altered ; Adam is lying beneath the  appletree in paradise,near his hand a apple
with a small worm representing evil.Adam has also glasses (like me)  to show his imperfection.

Title: Guernika (after Picasso's Guernica)    Dimensions 60 cm x 80 CM  2010
normally I change  original paintings into my own square style, but in this case the other
way around. If you mouseclick on the painting you see a picture after the bombing; some walls of a building
still standing like tombstones......

Title: Zoals de ouden zongen (After Jan Steen) Dimensions 75 cm x 115 CM 2010 (for sale)
If you mouseclick on the picture , you see the original by Jan Steen

Title:  Amsterdam 1927   Dimensions 40 cm x 50 cm. Near the redlight district in bad
weather,reflected in the windows  the red lights .........a bit foggy
Hans Jurgen Hartmann about this painting:
keine Masche...echt und ehrlich....auch mal das Unvermögen einfach gezeigt und nicht gefeiert....schöne Arbeit....läßt mein Herz höher schlagen denn hier wird auch nichts beschönigt und nackt ist es auch nicht...kein Seelenstripties...ein schöner Andre im Original...der sich nicht hinter irgend was versteckt...Offen und Ehrlich aber nicht plump und voller Geheimnisse..der schwebende Wagen..der einsame Mensch dort..seine Haltung...der Asphalt..die herrliche Lampe..das tolle Schaufenster......teilweise etwas naiv...aber nicht naive ist einfach echt gut....denke ich....auch die Farben ...

Title: The Red Vineyard   (After van Gogh) Dimensions 75 cm x 115 cm  2010(for sale)
In this painting a lot of the original figures are somewhat hidden .If you take a good look you will find the horse and carriage
in the field, and also the working ladies . In honour of van Gogh  a cypress tree right next to the farms(the only green square)
As always my red umbrella is in the picture.

Title:  Comfortably Numb (After the song by Pink Floyd) Dimensions 75 cm x115 cm (for sale)
The songtext and music inspired me to paint this schoolboy ,surrounded by white creepy
balloons and a ship in the distance......

Title: Mona Lisa Says  (After Da Vinci,with a wink to Lou Reed) Dimensions 75 cm x 115 cm
Title : The Quack and the Luteplayer(after Jan Steen) Dimensions 81 cm x 152 cm
Made on wood.

Mona Lisa Sees New York  Dimensions 75 cm x 115 cm. 2010

With the first Mona Lisa painting  i wondered  : What is she looking at out of the window? Well,
now you can see! New York at a distance,with the twin towers as i would like to see New York.
On de left a sailingboat.....and ofcourse the naughty parrot eyeing Mona Lisa.
Title:  AS TEARS GO BY, HIDDEN SORROW   Dimensions 75 cm x 115 cm. 2010
Terrible things happen in everyones life,cancer,death,unhappiness.This painting shows
no matter how strong someone appears to be ,there still can be sorrow.If you look good you will
see a crying elephant.
Vreselijke dingen gebeuren in ieders leven;kanker,dood,ongelukkig zijn.Dit schildery
geeft weer dat ondanks iemand er ogenschijnlijk sterk uit ziet, er onder de oppervlak
veel verdriet kan schuilen.Als je goed kijkt zie je een huilende olifant.

PEF about this painting:
The painting was introduced to me as an emotional one.First i saw a tear and that was the most important thing.
I didn't catch the elephant. To me it could have been a face; talking about the visual impact,does not matter.
It is funny to me. Thinking colours and composition can trigger emotions.
But then there is to realize that the red line suggesting it is of something dripping,laws of gravity.
Without the word "Tear" in the title, we would have thought of blood it is true.That is all about perception.
but the red  interpretation of the tear changed this at a first  sight "rather " cold structured painting in its choice of colours and lines into
an emotionally strong painting that moves you and makes you think,,,,,,,,,,

This Painting is nominated for the Palm Award 2011, Leipzig

Title:  The Flying Dutchman  Dimensions 75 cm x 115 cm   2010

 I Made a Poem  , written on the back of this  painting:

                                The Flying Dutchman

  A distant ship roams the endless sea
  Made of wood from an ancient tree
  It´s captain seems unreal
  Stands everlasting behind the steeringwheel.

  Starboardside a storm is near
  The captain stares, he has no fear
  For he is not dead, but also not alive
  The Lord´s curse is his immortal drive

  On his ship he is forever bound
  The Cape he will never round.

This is about  The legend of  a  ghostship , in my version seen from a glass in lead window.The glass is  a kind of old green.