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Title: Love Hurts   Dimensions 50cm x 70cm  2015

Title:  Freedom is just another word,Bobby McGee Dimensions
100cm x 140 cm  2015

Title: Sushi-4-2  small table 50 x 50 x 50 cm 2015

Title: Flamengo Rose  Dimensions 50x70 cm   2015
A dancing Gypsy rose with guitar playing dafffodil

Title:  Shades of Grey   Dimensions 80 cm x 120 cm 2015
A geisha playing the Shamisen
a remark on FB:Ahmed Mekkaoui Tes tableau sont tres modernes
C est de l art pur

Title: Max  Dimensions 120cm x 80 cm
The youngest F1 driver ever from The Netherlands
comment on FB:
Sozana Minocha tu as une grande histoire avec la route et la voiture ou bien avec le voiyage en générale....

Title: The thrill is gone  a tribute to Mr.BB King  dimensions: 80 cm x 120 cm 2015
Carlos Charcape It's amazing the connotation of colors that you use in your artwork.

Title:  De Nacht burgemeester van Rotterdam   size 80 cm x 120 cm  2015
a  tribute to Mr Jules Deelder our greatest poet

Title:  Strange, i ' ve seen that face before. dimensions" 60 cm x 80 cm 2015
a selfportrait title refers also to the song of Grace Jones

Title:  De Paardentrams   Dimensions 80 cm x 60 cm          2015
A tribute to George Hendrik Breitner

Title: Go Fishing Dimensions 120 cm x 40cm   2015
a expirimental painting that can be seen as two possibilities,also vertical:

In fact it is a storch standing in water....