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Title:Indian Summer Laundry ;  Dimensions 80 cm x 60 cm  2011   for sale

It's a beautiful day in authumn and a woman is putting her laundrybasket on the ground,
in the distance a church is seen.

Title: Mona Lisa and the Mirror a 4 panneled painting Dimensions 130 cm x 100 cm  2011 for sale.

Painted at both sides.

Title: Mona Lisa And the Mirror   the other side of the 4 panneled painting 130 cm x 100 cm 2011

Painting is foldable  ,can be used a a privacy screen in a room

Title: Olddelft 1 and Olddelft 2  30cm x 40 cm  not for sale
Painted as a gift  for  two colleagues who retired this year. inspired by the logo  of   the company I  work for
and  the Oude Delft  a  canalstreet in Delft.

Title: Alabama Song  After the song of Brecht,The Doors Dimensions 75cm x 115cm 2011 (for sale)
If you look properly at this painting you will see two chairs and a table and on the table a glass filled with
Absinth, a small sign to the last century popular drink. In fact  the painting is a vision of a bar.

Nominated for the Palm Award 2011

Title: Insomni  After the song of Faithless and the book of Stephen King . Dimensions 70cm x 90 cm 2011
Last month I read the book Insomnia  for the sixt time........and also heard   that Faithless 
has their farewell tour. One of their songs i like most is Insomnia. Onj the deck watching the
ships you see 3 figures ....Doc1 ,Doc2 and a little apart Doc3...Read the book and you will
know who they are.....

Title Port of Amsterdam After the song of Brel" Dimensions 115 cm x 75cm 2011
Very funny that there is a connection between J.Brel, David Bowie and Bolle Jan Froger.

Title Land Unte  After the song of H.Groenemeyer Dimensions 115 cm x75 cm 2011
beach, dune and the lighthouse of Texel (eierland) Not for sale

Nominated for the Palm Award 2011

Title Los Angeles   our own cabinet the doors painted with a abstracted angel on it  2011

Title: Home by the Sea  (after the song by Genesis) Dimensions 81 cm x112 cm 2011
made on a wooden panel

a experiment in obtaining multiple dimensions,by looking to the red 
"poles"  you will sense a strange hypnotic depth

Title: A Space Oddity(after the song of Bowie) Dimensions 75cm x 115 cm 2011
Made for Bryan, my son who loves science


Title: A Forest (after the song of The Cure) 70cm x 100 cm 2011  for sale

Title: Piombino Powerstation Dimensions 75 cm x 115 cm 2011
This painting is about the struggle of good and bad, man and nature; a powerplant with black and white smoke..

Title: Valerie   a tribute to Amy Winehouse and her music  Dimensions 75 cm x 115 cm 2011
a small secret: one of the musicians has no mouth,thus speechless,the umbrella this time as a tattoo!